Work Process

How the IoT works



Sensors are reading enviromet informations such as temperature, humidity, light, gas, motion, and other and sending it to IoT platform.


Collecting Data

The IoT platform collect simultaneously huge amount of sensors data and store it for couple of seconds up to years.


Processing Data

Collected data are constantly geting processed and displayed on the IoT dashboard or used for the further processing and automation.

HX IoT Dashboard

With our dashboard you can manage
home, building or even whole city!

An IoT dashboard is web-based software that allows you to control your ecosystem, get information from each device, and manage its operation. An IoT dashboard is basically an IoT control panel that can achieve many different goals for any business.
Collect data from your devices.
The primary goal of most IoT devices is to collect data. A dashboard allows you to review collected data both retrospectively and in real time.
Enhance data.
To make the most of your collected data, you can combine datasets to find correlations and program rule-based actions. Different locations can be subject to different external factors: temperature, pressure, speed, etc. Combine your data and analyze it as a whole to get the most accurate results.
Monitor processes remotely.
Real-time IoT devices monitoring feature helps you know where your IoT devices are and what data they’re gathering. For example, IoT in healthcare is often connected with remote patient monitoring. Doctors can use devices to monitor vitals in real time without having to visit a patient in person.

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Sensor Nodes
Actuators / Plugs